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YOGA is a lifestyle for a healthier, more conscious and intense life.

    //  I don’t practice yoga to get better at yoga, I practice yoga to get better at living. //


Myriam | Yoga teacher | Berlin soul | Marketing manager | Mother of 3 | Family juggler | Nature seeker | Travel lover | Home creator | Beach life chooser | Natural & active lifestyle lover | Healthy foodie | Sustainable product enthusiast | Inspiration seeker | New home: Spain


Yoga has many positive effects on our body and our soul :

Energy  |  Stability  |  Flexibility  |  Strength |  Relaxation  |  Awareness  |  Mindfulness  |  Motivation  |  Calmness  |  Gratitude  |  Serenity  |  Trust  |  Focus  |  Harmony

If you seek for one or the other, then hop on the mat, because yoga is the way.


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Yoga Asana I Warrior II I myyogaflows

The best yoga poses for beginners

Let’s start Yoga now! Start simple. Important is to integrate Yoga into your daily life. This should be as easy as possible. Do not take too much at the beginning. In the beginning it’s all about getting to know your body and moving and feeling your body in a very healthy and delicate way, not […]
yoga legs on a yoga mat

How I discovered yoga

I remember my very first Yoga lesson. It was during my studies in Berlin. Long time ago, I was 21. There was a free yoga class in a public building and I just took the chance to drop in. Lots of people were sitting on their mats, quiet, with their eyes closed. Looked weird to […]

Welcome to MyYogaFlows!

The world of yoga is huge and is showing my little yoga world. I am super happy to start this BLOG! Here I can write about my yoga experiences, about my passion for yoga and I can share my personal thoughts. Writing is something that I started as a young girl and I have […]

Inspire yourself

| Yoga means to open our hearts and focus our awareness so that we can be who we already are. 🙌🏼 #yogainspiration
The willingness to try is everything. 🙌🏼 #yogainspiration
Back in my little yoga oasis. It feels unreal to not be able to teach classes. I miss my yoga students so much, especially the energy & connection while practicing together. No virtual class will ever create that feeling. But I will jump over my shadow and give my best to adapt to the new situation. I am currently working on some yoga videos to have them available on my website in the near future. 🙌🏼 #yogalove
Life is from the inside out. When you shift on the inside, life shifts on the outside. 🙌🏼 #yogainspiration
Asking myself: Can I be more active, more present, more attentive to what is really happening, rather than to my memories or projections? 🙌🏼 #yogainspiration