YOGA is a lifestyle for a healthier, more conscious and intense life. Anyone who once tried yoga will not let go of it. It just feels too good and the body awareness is incomparable.„If you do not feel better after yoga – physical, emotional and mental – then it was not yoga.“MYYOGA will teach you the YOGA GOODIES, show you different versions of my YOGA CLASSES (studio yoga, personal yoga, business yoga), offers various FEEL GOOD FLOWS especially for you and gives you some INSPIRATION for the day.

My Yoga Style

I like the dynamic yoga style. My classes are a creative mix of different yoga styles.

After a short meditation and breathing exercises, we start with sun salutations that warm and strengthen our body. I combine classic Hatha Yoga elements with sweaty Power Yoga variations and longer held intense asanas. In doing so, I attach great importance to optimal alignment and direct the focus of my students on their body feeling.

Everything in flow with deep breathing and beautiful music. Wonderful – peace in mind. Just focus on the body and listen to the breath. Being present in the moment.

In the end the most important asana of every yoga class follows, the deep and perfect relaxation, where all asanas can unfold their full effect. Namasté.

Yoga Goodies

Yoga has an incredible amount of positive and intense effects on our body and soul. I call these wonderful side effects Yoga Goodies and here are a few of them for you. If you are looking for one or the other, then off to the mat, because yoga is the way to go.

Energy | Force | Stability | Coordination | Condition | Flexibility | Body awareness | Positivity | Mindfulness | Willpower | Stability | Motivation | Abundance | Serenity | Presence | Clarity | Courage | Respect | Trust | Pride | Patience | Grace | Ease | Balance | Calm | Dedication | Width | Gratitude | Satisfaction | Compensation | Relaxation | Let go | Harmony |