Yoga Flow Videos

Yoga flow videos

The yoga flow sequences are gentle and guided, by explaining each posture in detail with all important alignments.

The flows contain all my favorite postures and movements to create strength, flexibility, balance and relaxation.

They are designed for a dynamic and energetic practice, which means that you move from one posture to the next.

There are 4 yoga flow sequences, each with a different focus: WarmUp & Strengthening, HipOpening & Balance, Stretching & Twists, Core Practice & Inversions.

Due to the warming energy and deep breathing in your practice, you will find smoothness, clarity and an amazing sense of well-being.

Warmup & strengthening

This flow creates a warming energy in your body.

The selected postures improve strength, condition and coordination.

The dynamic movements increase your blood flow and deliver fresh oxygen to your muscles.

Duration: 15min

Hip Opening & Balance

This flow releases tightness of your hips and creates more flexibility, which supports your back for better mobility and less pain.

Balancing poses positively impact your physical and mental health.

They help you to align yourself, to stay focused and require full body awareness.

Duration: 10min


This flow contains effective stretching movements, which increase your flexibility and range of motion.

The postures are also perfect for stress relief and to calm your mind.

Twists are optimal detox postures and very helpful if you deal with stress or anxiety.

Duration: 15min

Core Practice & Inversions

This flow is for well-balanced and resilient core muscles that support a healthy back and a straight posture.

Inversions strengthen your back and core, but are also very energizing and mood-lifting.

Duration: 25min

4 flows pack

This video contains 4 dynamic flow sequences, each one with a different focus.

WarmUp & Strengthening, HipOpening & Balance, Stretching & Twists and Core Practice & Inversions.

 Enjoy the healthy practice!

Duration: 1h 10min