About me


Myriam Hamer

Over 10 years ago I discovered yoga for my life. 

At first as compensation for my life as a marketing manager with many hours in the office chair. Yoga meant for me an intensive workout but also a break from everyday life to find inner peace and balance.

Thanks to yoga, during my pregnancies I had the chance to get to know and understand my body more intensively and was thus able to accept the changes and respond to needs. During this time, I felt that I wanted to know much more about yoga and decided to start a 2-year intensive training.

In very demanding times with 3 small children, yoga gave me the power to walk consciously, peacefully and healthy through life. These are the moments on the mat where I visit myself and make myself strong from the inside out. Yoga helps me to get to know myself better, to listen to myself, to perceive my body and above all my feelings.

Now Yoga is my passion, my common thread, my lifestyle, my way. And there is hardly anything more valuable to me than supporting and accompanying others on their yoga path.

My Yoga Style

I fell in love with the dynamic yoga style. My classes are a creative mix of different yoga styles. I combine classical yoga elements (Hatha Yoga), with flowing sequences (Vinyasa Yoga), sweaty variations (Power Yoga) and longer held intensive asanas (Ashtanga Yoga).

In doing so, I attach great importance to optimal alignment and direct the focus of my students on their body feeling. Always as a unit and in the flow of mindful movement, deep, even breathing and great music.

And very important: silence in your head, no thoughts jump back and forth. Just listen to your breathing and feel your body. Being in the moment. Wonderful! The deep and complete relaxation at the end of a yoga class works wonders.



My Yoga Vita