Strong Back Flow

Poses against back pain

Yoga Asana I KATZE I myyogaflows
01 Cat Pose I Majariasana
Yoga Asana I STUHL I myyogaflows
02 Chair Pose I Utkatasana
Yoga Asana I STEHENDE VORBEUGE I myyogaflows
03 Standing Forward Bend I Uttanasana
Yoga Asana I HERABSCHAUENDER HUND I myyogaflows
04 Downward-Facing Dog I Adho Mukha Svanasana
Yoga Asana I DREIECK I myyogaflows
05 Triangle Pose I Trikonasana
Yoga Asana I HEUSCHRECKE I myyogaflows
06 Locust Pose I Shalabhasana
Yoga Asana I KATZE I myyogaflows

Cat Pose I Majariasana


I  Come to the quadruped stand, on your hands and knees
I  Align hip joints over nee joints, shoulder joints over the wrists
I  Exhale, round the spine
I  Press up from the shoulders, push the tailbone downwards
I  Pull belly button inwards
I  Look down
I  8 deep breaths


I  Mobilizes the spine in its length
I  Stretch for the back, shoulders, neck and cervical vertebrae
I  Strengthens back and abdominal muscles
I  Relieves pain in the upper spine
I  Stimulates digestion and circulation
I  Grounding and relaxing
I  Good against stress
I  Reduces tiredness

Yoga Asana I STUHL I myyogaflows

Chair Pose I Utkatasana


I  Bend your legs from a standing position
I  Hold ankles together, shift the weight on the heels
I  Pelvis slightly backwards (as if sitting on a chair)
I  Lower the tailbone, keep your back straight
I  Press your knees gently together, hold at a hight
I  Activate abdominal and core muscles
I  Raise your arms and chest, open your shoulders
I  Pull shoulder blades back and down
I  Hold this position for 8-10 deep breaths


I  Aligning pelvis and vertebrae
I  Strengthens leg muscles, back and ankles
I  Beneficial for knee and ankle problems
I  Stretch the calves
I  Opens the chest, relaxes the shoulders
I  Gentle lifts the diaphragm, massages the heart
I  Helps with sleeping problems

Yoga Asana I STEHENDE VORBEUGE I myyogaflows

Standing Forward Bend I Uttanasana


I  Bend the upper body out of the hips forward
I  Bring your arms down towards the floor
I  Relax neck & shoulders, hold lower back straight
I  Lower the upper body towards the legs
I  Hold this forward bend for 10 deep breaths


I  Relieves spine & neck
I  Stretches calves, thighs and hips
I  Regulates blood pressure
I  Stimulates the brain blood circulation
I  Relieves abdominal and back pain
I  Helps with negative moods
I  Calms the mind

Yoga Asana I HERABSCHAUENDER HUND I myyogaflows

Downward-Facing Dog I Adho Mukha Svanasana


I  Feed hip-width & hands shoulder-width set up
I  Spread your hands, press your fingers into the ground
I  Activate your arms, straighten your back
I  Push your bottom upwards, tailbone highest point
I  Heels sink towards the ground
I  Slowly straighten your legs
I  Ears between upper arms on one level
I  Relax your neck, shoulders away from the ears
I  Weight evenly on hands and feet
I  Hold this position for 5-8 breaths


I  Strengthens legs, arms, wrists and ankles
I  Stretches your back, opens the shoulder blades
I  Helps a lot with back pain
I  Relieves tensions and headaches
I  Stimulates the nervous system
I  Improves blood circulation
I  Provides the body with fresh energy

Yoga Asana I DREIECK I myyogaflows

Triangle Pose I Trikonasana


I  Align heels of both feet in a single step in one line
I  Front foot points straight forward, back foot is screwed in 45°
I  Stretch both legs
I  Spread weight on both legs
I  Press the outer edge of the back foot into the ground
I  Bring the upper body forward over the front leg
I  Lower the front arm, place the hand in front of shinbone
I  Straighten upper arm straight up
I  Shoulders stay relaxed
I  Both arms form a vertical line
I  Look up (if it is fine for your neck)
I  Hold for 8-10 deep breaths


I  Strengthens the leg muscles and ankles
I  Strengthens the back
I  Relieves tension in chest, shoulders, pelvis
I  Increases the volume of breathing
I  Increases flexibility of the hip joints
I  Stretches hip muscles, thighs and calves
I  Tightens the thigh muscles
I  Earthed feeling, thus mental relaxation

Yoga Asana I HEUSCHRECKE I myyogaflows

Locust Pose I Shalabhasana


I  Prone, close legs
I  Stretch your arms back next to the body
I  Bring your head forward and feet backwards
I  Arms, legs and buttocks muscles remain relaxed
I  Lift the arms and legs off the ground
I  Lift the sternum
I  Press pubic bone towards the ground
I  Hold neck in extension of the spine
I  Breathe in this position for 20-30sec


I  Strengthens the entire body back
I  Strengthens and vitalizes the spine
I  Good stretch for chest and shoulder muscles
I  Massages the abdominal organs, digestion is supported
I  Relieves lower back problems