Deep Detox Flow

Poses for detox and activate metabolism

Yoga Asana I KRIEGER I I myyogaflows
01 Warrior I I Virabhadrasana I
Yoga Asana I HALBMOND I myyogaflows
02 Half Moon Pose I Ardha Chandrasana
Yoga Asana I SITZENDE VORBEUGE I myyogaflows
03 Seated Forward Bend I Pashchimottanasana
Yoga Asana I TAUBE I myyogaflows
04 Pigeon Pose I Eka Pada Rajakapotasana
Yoga Asana I BOGEN I myyogaflows
05 Bow Pose I Dhanurasana
Yoga Asana I PFLUG I myyogaflows
06 Plow Pose I Halasana
Yoga Asana I KRIEGER I I myyogaflows

Warrior I I Virabhadrasana I


I  Lunge, one foot forward, the other foot 45° backwards
I  Both heels on a line, activated legs
I  Bend the front knee 90°, align knee over heel
I  Align hips and shoulders forward
I  Arms straight, palms inwards, shoulders wide & relaxed
I  Hold this posture for 8-10 deeps breaths


I  Stretch for shoulders, abdomen, groin, back muscles
I  Strengthens the lungs, arms, shoulders, legs
I  Makes the hips flexible
I  Increases patience and strength
I  Stimulation of the digestive organs
I  Improve of attention and balance

Yoga Asana I HALBMOND I myyogaflows

Half Moon Pose I Ardha Chandrasana


I  Find a firm stand in the leg
I  Bring the weight on the front foot
I  Front foot pointing straight forward
I  Bring one hand on the floor/block in front your foot, other hand in your hip
I  Raise the back leg with flexed foot and stretch straight back
I  Open the hips wide and turn thigh outwards
I  Turn the upper body sideways
I  Relax and open shoulders
I  Bring the the upper arm vertically up, look up
I  Take 10 deep breaths in this position


I  Strengthens abdomen, back, thighs and ankles
I  Strengthens the lumbar vertebra, hip and sacrum
I  Opens shoulders and chest
I  Relieves sciatica
I  Increases balance and coordination
I  Gives a feeling of stability and stability
I  Good against stress and anxiety
I  Stimulates digestion

Yoga Asana I SITZENDE VORBEUGE I myyogaflows

Seated Forward Bend I Pashchimottanasana


I  Sit downright with straight legs, tense legs with heels on
I  Stretch the arms up, pull the spine long
I  Bend the hip forward
I  Raise the pelvis and keep the back straight
I  Hands grab calves or foot outer edges
I  Lay down the upper body on the thighs and relax the neck
I  Sink deeper into this position by breathing deeply for 1-2min


I  stretch the entire body back
I  Strengthens the abdominal organs
I  Very good for the immune system
I  Activates the metabolism
I  Regulates digestion
I  Massage for the heart
I  Calming and revitalizing effect

Yoga Asana I TAUBE I myyogaflows

Pigeon Pose I Eka Pada Rajakapotasana


I  Bend the front leg and drop it at an angle
I  Bring the other leg stretched to the back
I  Turn your foot clamp to the ground
I  Both hips sink to the floor
I  Put your hands next to your hips
I  Raise the spine high
I  Bend forward with straight back
I  arms and forehead relaxed forward on the floor
I  Hold this posture for 1-2min


I  Very intense hip opening, releases blockages
I  Stretches thigh muscle as well as hip flexors
I  Great massages for all the abdominal organs
I  Calming and devotional effect a
I  Helps to reduce stress and tension

Yoga Asana I BOGEN I myyogaflows

Bow Pose I Dhanurasana


I  Prone pose, arms next to the body
I  Bend knees, bring heels towards the buttocks
I  Hands grab the ankles
I  Important: feet and legs remain at hip width
I  Push the heels in your hands, lift thighs
I  Raise chest, shoulder blades together
I  Shoulders and back muscles remain relaxed
I  Belly is tense and pressed to the floor
I  Look forward, long neck
I  Hold this position for 20-30sec


I Opens the front of the body and the rib cage
I Improves free breathing
I Stretches front thighs and arms
I Strengthens abdominal muscles
I Stretches the back, shoulders and spine
I Stimulates digestion
I Increses body tension
I Calms the mind

Yoga Asana I PFLUG I myyogaflows

Plow Pose I Halasana


I Lay flat on my back
I Carefully bring both legs behind your head
I Stretch out your legs, bring toes on the floor
I Raise your back as straight as possible
I Stretch out arms on the mat and fold hands
I Give pressure to the arms, shoulder blades together
I Weight is carried by shoulders, neck remains free
I Important: Do not move your head in this position
I Hold this for 30sec – 1min


I Strengthens the back of the body esp. shoulders
I Activates the blood circulation
I Stimulates abdominal organs
I Relieves and relaxes the legs and organs
I Frees the respiratory tract
I Stimulates the hormone balance
I Gives new confidence and strength