Ego Boost Flow

Poses for self-confidence

Yoga Asana I STUHL I myyogaflows
01 Chair Pose I Utkatasana
Yoga Asana I KRIEGER I I myyogaflows
02 Warrior I I Virabhadrasana I
Yoga Asana I KRIEGER II I myyogaflows
03 Warrior II I Virabhadrasana II
Yoga Asana I FRIEDLICHER KRIEGER I myyogaflows
04 Peaceful Warrior I Shanti Virabhadrasana
Yoga Asana I KRIEGER III I myyogaflows
05 Warrior III I Virabhadrasana III
Yoga Asana I BAUM I myyogaflows
06 Tree Pose I Vrksasana
Yoga Asana I STUHL I myyogaflows

Chair Pose I Utkatasana


I  Bend your legs from a standing position
I  Hold ankles together, shift the weight on the heels
I  Pelvis slightly backwards (as if sitting on a chair)
I  Lower the tailbone, keep your back straight
I  Press your knees gently together, hold at a hight
I  Activate abdominal and core muscles
I  Raise your arms and chest, open your shoulders
I  Pull shoulder blades back and down
I  Hold this position for 8-10 deep breaths


I  Aligning pelvis and vertebrae
I  Strengthens leg muscles, back and ankles
I  Beneficial for knee and ankle problems
I  Stretch the calves
I  Opens the chest, relaxes the shoulders
I  Gentle lifts the diaphragm, massages the heart
I  Helps with sleeping problems

Yoga Asana I KRIEGER I I myyogaflows

Warrior I I Virabhadrasana I


I  Lunge, one foot forward, the other foot 45° backwards
I  Both heels on a line, activated legs
I  Bend the front knee 90°, align knee over heel
I  Align hips and shoulders forward
I  Arms straight, palms inwards, shoulders wide & relaxed
I  Hold this posture for 8-10 deeps breaths


I  Stretch for shoulders, abdomen, groin, back muscles
I  Strengthens the lungs, arms, shoulders, legs
I  Makes the hips flexible
I  Increases patience and strength
I  Stimulation of the digestive organs
I  Improve of attention and balance

Yoga Asana I KRIEGER II I myyogaflows

Warrior II I Virabhadrasana II


I  Lunge, front foot straight and back foot rotated 45°
I  Both heels on a line
I  Bend the front knee 90°, position over the heel
I  Hips, upper body, shoulders aligned laterally
I  Open shoulder blades and chest
I  Arms straight/parallel the ground, look over the front arm
I  Hold this posture for 8-10 deep breaths


I  Strengthens shoulders, arms, legs, ankles
I  Opens the shoulders, chest, lungs
I  Stretches groins and thighs
I  Strengthens core muscles
I  Stimulates digestion
I  Increases body strength and physical condition
I  Good for balance and concentration
I  Positive effect on self-esteem

Yoga Asana I FRIEDLICHER KRIEGER I myyogaflows

Peaceful Warrior I Shanti Virabhadrasana


I  Warrior II position
I  Bring the front arm up, until you feel a pleasant stretch in the side open side of your body
I  Back arm down along the back leg
I  Lengthen the sine and lower your hips, look up slightly
I  Hold this position for 8-10 breaths


I  Strengthens the leg muscles
I  Improves the flexibility in the spine
I  Stretches the side of the upper body
I  Opens heart and smoothens the hips

Yoga Asana I KRIEGER III I myyogaflows

Warrior III I Virabhadrasana III


I  Ground one leg and keep the leg muscles active
I  Lift the other leg straight up and bend the upper body forwards
I  Align body horizontally to the ground
I  Activate the muscles of the upper leg
I  Hold the arms next to your body, push the shoulders and tailbone backwards
I  Look down, neck long, lengthen your spine
I  Hold this for 10 breaths


I  Strengthens the leg muscles
I  Strengthens the core muscles
I  Stretches the chest and shoulder muscles
I  Focus on your balance
I  Sense of balance

Yoga Asana I BAUM I myyogaflows

Tree Pose I Vrksasana


I  Find a firm stand in the leg and load the entire foot
I  Spine is straight, looking forward focused
I  Raise the other leg, lower the sole on the ankle, on the calf or on the inside of the thigh (never on the knee!)
I  Firmly press the sole of the foot into the leg
I  Leg muscles and abdominal muscles are active
I  Bring hands in front of chest or stretch arms sideways
I  Shoulders stay relaxed


I  Strengthens entire leg muscles and ankles
I  Strengthens the shoulders and back muscles
I  Opens the hips
I  Increases balance and sense of stability
I  Good for relaxation
I  Supports focus and concentration
I  opens the ribcage and supports free and even breathing