The best yoga poses for beginners

13. June 2018

Let’s start Yoga now!

Start simple. Important is to integrate Yoga into your daily life. This should be as easy as possible. Do not take too much at the beginning.

In the beginning it’s all about getting to know your body and moving and feeling your body in a very healthy and delicate way, not more. Your body will be super happy about the regular Yoga sequences!

My tip: start with a simple yoga sequence each morning, set your alarm 15min earlier, roll out of your bed, jump on your mat, wear comfy pants and here you go.

Start with these 5 Yoga poses each morning:


Yoga Asana I Downward-Facing Dog I myyogaflows

Downward-Facing Dog


Yoga Asana I Warrior II I myyogaflows

Warrior II


Yoga Asana I Seated Forward Bend I myyogaflows



Yoga Asana I Bridge Pose I myyogaflows

Bridge Pose


Yoga Asana I Child Pose I myyogaflows

Child Pose