Welcome to MyYogaFlows!

13. June 2018

The world of yoga is huge and myyogaflows.com is showing my little yoga world.

I am super happy to start this BLOG! Here I can write about my yoga experiences, about my passion for yoga and I can share my personal thoughts. Writing is something that I started as a young girl and I have kept in my whole life. Never for sharing, always for myself. Little notebooks have been my companions. I write to reflect, to remember, to deal with feelings, to sort my thoughts, to find answers or just because to get something off my chest. Let’s see how it will be with the blog…

Besides the blog you find the FEEL-GOOD-FLOWS, I created several sequences of yoga postures for special needs. You can choose flows for the body or for the soul. Body flows have amongst others sequences to get rid of headache, shoulder tension or lower back pain. Soul flows have sequences to sleep well, light up your mood or increase your inner calmness. These sequences are all based on basic postures. They are optimal for a simple and healthy daily yoga practice.

During my years on the mat I discovered a lot of yoga-related products. My students often asked me which mat or yoga pants I like the most. So I thought it might be a good idea to share my FAVORITES here.

I love being inspired by all the lovely yoga people out there. It is such a wonderful community and a pleasure to share my yoga way with others. In case you also like to be inspired by yoga postures or quotes have a look at INSPIRATION!