Yogamatte wird ausgerollt, MYYOGA

Business Yoga

Yoga at work. From the office chair directly onto the mat. Scene change, create distance to workload, get your head free, recharge your batteries, relax. Find your balance in yoga.

Morning Yoga

  • Activate body and mind
  • Get fresh and awake
  • Start well and fit into the working day

Lunchtime Yoga

  • Take a distance
  • Retreat to yourself
  • Recharge your batteries
  • Concentration and focus

Evening Yoga

  • Activate and relax the body
  • Free your mind
  • Release tension for a well-balanced body

How does business yoga works?

I offer yoga classes in the company. Level, contents and times we tailor optimally to the needs of the employees. Super comfortable for everyone, because uncomplicated and time-saving, no extra access to a yoga studio or in crowded fitness studios. I have equipment in my luggage. The only thing I need is a room where we can roll out the mats.

Health and satisfaction are becoming increasingly important in companies. Luckily! Because nothing is more important for the success of a company than a healthy and motivated team.

Everybody needs a balance in addition to the job in order to feel good physically and mentally. But due to high workload, stress and lack of time, the compensation is often too short. However, if you can jump directly from the office chair to the yoga mat, the effort is low and the effect is high. A yoga lesson brings packed energy and regeneration for more focus, clarity and concentration.

In the long term, yoga gives you a fantastic and balanced body feeling – ideal conditions for healthy employees and a strong company.