Yoga Asana I BOGEN I myyogaflows

Bow Pose I Dhanurasana


I  Prone pose, arms next to the body
I  Bend knees, bring heels towards the buttocks
I  Hands grab the ankles
I  Important: feet and legs remain at hip width
I  Push the heels in your hands, lift thighs
I  Raise chest, shoulder blades together
I  Shoulders and back muscles remain relaxed
I  Belly is tense and pressed to the floor
I  Look forward, long neck
I  Hold this position for 20-30sec


I Opens the front of the body and the rib cage
I Improves free breathing
I Stretches front thighs and arms
I Strengthens abdominal muscles
I Stretches the back, shoulders and spine
I Stimulates digestion
I Increses body tension
I Calms the mind