Yoga Asana I SITZENDE VORBEUGE I myyogaflows

Seated Forward Bend I Pashchimottanasana


I  Sit downright with straight legs, tense legs with heels on
I  Stretch the arms up, pull the spine long
I  Bend the hip forward
I  Raise the pelvis and keep the back straight
I  Hands grab calves or foot outer edges
I  Lay down the upper body on the thighs and relax the neck
I  Sink deeper into this position by breathing deeply for 1-2min


I  stretch the entire body back
I  Strengthens the abdominal organs
I  Very good for the immune system
I  Activates the metabolism
I  Regulates digestion
I  Massage for the heart
I  Calming and revitalizing effect