Yoga Asana I KIND I myyogaflows

Child Pose | Balasana


I  Come in the heel seat
I  Big toes are touching
I  Knees apart in hip width
I  Bend upper body forward, belly on the thighs
I  Bring down your forehead on the floor
I  Arms at the sides of the body on the floor
I  Shoulder sink down, shoulder blades relax
I  Bring tailbone down towards heels
I  Breathe here deeply for 30 sec – 1 min


I  Stretches & relaxes the spine including the neck
I  Relaxes shoulders, shoulder blades and chest area
I  Gently stretches the spine, thighs and ankles
I  Loosens the lower abdomen during menstrual cramps
I  Soothes the stomach and digestive organs
I  Lowers the blood pressure
I  Good calming position
I Reduces tiredness, dizziness and headaches