Yoga Asana I HERABSCHAUENDER HUND I myyogaflows

Downward-Facing Dog I Adho Mukha Svanasana


I  Feed hip-width & hands shoulder-width set up
I  Spread your hands, press your fingers into the ground
I  Activate your arms, straighten your back
I  Push your bottom upwards, tailbone highest point
I  Heels sink towards the ground
I  Slowly straighten your legs
I  Ears between upper arms on one level
I  Relax your neck, shoulders away from the ears
I  Weight evenly on hands and feet
I  Hold this position for 5-8 breaths


I  Strengthens legs, arms, wrists and ankles
I  Stretches your back, opens the shoulder blades
I  Helps a lot with back pain
I  Relieves tensions and headaches
I  Stimulates the nervous system
I  Improves blood circulation
I  Provides the body with fresh energy