Yoga Asana I KRIEGER II I myyogaflows

Warrior II I Virabhadrasana II


I  Lunge, front foot straight and back foot rotated 45°
I  Both heels on a line
I  Bend the front knee 90°, position over the heel
I  Hips, upper body, shoulders aligned laterally
I  Open shoulder blades and chest
I  Arms straight/parallel the ground, look over the front arm
I  Hold this posture for 8-10 deep breaths


I  Strengthens shoulders, arms, legs, ankles
I  Opens the shoulders, chest, lungs
I  Stretches groins and thighs
I  Strengthens core muscles
I  Stimulates digestion
I  Increases body strength and physical condition
I  Good for balance and concentration
I  Positive effect on self-esteem