Yoga Asana I ADLER I myyogaflows

Eagle I Garudasana


I  Find a stable stand in the leg and load the whole foot
I  Slightly bend the leg and “wrap” the other leg
I  Lay thighs on the support leg, bring knee to a height
I  bring shin behind the calf of the supporting leg
I  Place one arm in the elbow bend of the other
I  Wrap your arms around each other with palms together
I  hands slide away from the face, elbows lift
I  Lower the tailbone, keep length in the spine
I  8-10 deep breaths


I  Strengthens and stretches the muscles of the feet, legs
I  Shoulder stretch, open the shoulder girdle
I  Increases flexibility in the arms and legs
I  Supports balance
I  Great againt cellulite