Yoga Asana I DREIECK I myyogaflows

Triangle Pose I Trikonasana


I  Align heels of both feet in a single step in one line
I  Front foot points straight forward, back foot is screwed in 45°
I  Stretch both legs
I  Spread weight on both legs
I  Press the outer edge of the back foot into the ground
I  Bring the upper body forward over the front leg
I  Lower the front arm, place the hand in front of shinbone
I  Straighten upper arm straight up
I  Shoulders stay relaxed
I  Both arms form a vertical line
I  Look up (if it is fine for your neck)
I  Hold for 8-10 deep breaths


I  Strengthens the leg muscles and ankles
I  Strengthens the back
I  Relieves tension in chest, shoulders, pelvis
I  Increases the volume of breathing
I  Increases flexibility of the hip joints
I  Stretches hip muscles, thighs and calves
I  Tightens the thigh muscles
I  Earthed feeling, thus mental relaxation