Yoga Asana I KAMEL I myyogaflows

Camel Pose I Ustrasana


I  Knee position, lower leg on the floor, tiptoes stretched
I  Legs apart in hip width
I  Pelvis is straight, upper body stretched
I  Shoulders back, deep and relaxed
I  Activate thigh and buttock muscles
I  Hands on the back of the hips (pointing the fingertips downwards, elbows behind)
I  Slowly bring the hands on the heels
I  Pelvis remains in line with the knees
I  5-8 deep and even breaths in the lower back


I  Strengthens the back, spine, hips and thighs
I  Trains the deep, concentrated breath
I  Widens thorax, shoulders, heart and lungs
I  Supports your circulation
I  Good pelvic floor exercise