Yoga Asana I BAUM I myyogaflows

Tree Pose I Vrksasana


I  Find a firm stand in the leg and load the entire foot
I  Spine is straight, looking forward focused
I  Raise the other leg, lower the sole on the ankle, on the calf or on the inside of the thigh (never on the knee!)
I  Firmly press the sole of the foot into the leg
I  Leg muscles and abdominal muscles are active
I  Bring hands in front of chest or stretch arms sideways
I  Shoulders stay relaxed


I  Strengthens entire leg muscles and ankles
I  Strengthens the shoulders and back muscles
I  Opens the hips
I  Increases balance and sense of stability
I  Good for relaxation
I  Supports focus and concentration
I  opens the ribcage and supports free and even breathing